Cultivate Your Significance™

life transition coaching guides people from where they are to where they want to be in life and career

You will receive professional guidance from Dr. Vicki in a personalized experiential development program designed especially for individuals in – or having come from – organizational leadership or other professional roles, and who seek to achieve “self-actualization” for greater significance and positive impact in this life.

Fulfill Your Unique Purpose

  • Do you sometimes think “Is this all there is?”
  • Do you experience a nagging feeling that you could be doing much more with your Life – having a much greater impact in the world? . . . but what? And how make it happen?
  • Ever ponder what your unique purpose on this earth is?

If you are searching for something more than the next job or other career role…

If your thoughts are more about making a real difference in the world, leaving a meaningful legacy from your unique gifts…

Some of our New Voyage Nature Retreats™ are specially dedicated to Cultivate Your Significance™.

Cultivate Your Significance™ Retreats

Will help you:

  • Connect, or reconnect, with YOU
  • Hear what your Life is calling you to do…to BE
  • Discover “what else there is”…and seize it!
  • Prepare to catch your next big wave

Cultivate Your Significance™

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