Helping individuals, teams and organizations excel.

  • Accelerate achievement of company performance goals
  • Build high performance, collaborative teams and culture
  • Lead needed change masterfully
  • Access your power, voice and authentic best style
  • Relate with others more effectively
  • Accelerate business performance by authentic inclusion
  • Address and eliminate unconscious bias
  • Create a psychologically healthy, high-performing workplace culture
  • Skillfully navigate today’s diversity and inclusion challenges
  • Fully realize the strategic business promise of diversity and inclusion
  • Promotion? – Prepare to excel
  • Career Stall / Setback? – Emerge and triumph
  • Retire? – Access and follow your inner voice
  • Discover “what else there is” – and seize it!
  • Catch your “next big wave” – and make it your finest!

For Real, Substantive, Positive, & Profitable Change

My Mission

To help individuals and organizations thrive and realize their full potential.

What I Believe

  • Whatever you aspire to do / achieve / be — if you can envision it, you can do it.
  • Most “roadblocks” to realizing our aspirations are within us. So are the solutions.
  • Roadblock removal is best done with the right “tool” — as in a trusted advisor with the right expertise.
  • You have more power than you know — from sources that you may not recognize.
  • There is not one best Leadership style, except “authentic”. One’s best Self and best Leadership style come from strengths and natural attributes, honed and used authentically.
  • Leadership development best starts from the foundation of one’s ”signature strengths”.
  • Everyone is more effective in some cultures than others.  One culture’s “mediocre” performer may be a star in another.
  • Paradoxically, a perceived “weakness” is often where one’s “gold” is.
dr vicki vandaveer is an executive coach and advisor

Dr. Vicki Vandaveer

Your Partner & Chief Catalyst

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Professional Resume

What I DO

As a business consulting and coaching psychologist, I help leaders, their teams and organizations improve business performance through effective Leadership, teamwork and strategic change.

My Style

Direct, candid, transparent, open (to others’ ways of thinking, seeing, being), flexible (adaptable to the client’s work and learning styles, preferences), caring, and fully supportive of each client.