Create a Diverse, Inclusive High-Performance Culture

Who Will Benefit

our diversity consulting firm provides diversity and inclusion coaching to build a tightly knit, high-performing culture
diversity and inclusion boosts organizational performance

Your Business

  • Greater productivity, diverse talents, innovative thinking
    • (For profit) EBITDA, broader range of customers, improved market position, attraction and retention
      of top talent
    • (Nonprofit) More and larger grants, expanded donor base, more funds available for the cause

Stockholders or (nonprofit) beneficiaries of your services

  • Earnings and stock price up and climbing
  • Innovation from diverse perspectives greater market differentiation, market share, brand value
    Superior quality of business decisions


  • Fully contributing their talents and diverse perspectives – highly engaged (high morale extra effort)
  • Motivated, working together well, drawing on each other’s expertise
  • Members of ”diverse” groups more fully included, contributing more of their talents, catalyzing innovation

Partners - suppliers - vendors

  • Working with a high functioning, more efficient, positive-energy company

The communities in which your business operates

A thriving business (a) is a boon to other businesses, (b) provides job opportunities, which in turn (c) boosts the overall economy, etc.

What is Required?

  • Diversity and Inclusion for fuller employee engagement must be a strategic priority.
  • Top Management must lead the change, including…
    • Inspire, prepare and equip managers and employees to navigate and help lead needed change
    • Ensure that company policies, processes, structures and programs are aligned with and help facilitate the intended changes (“operational changes”)
    • Communicate effectively, consistently, via multiple channels
    • Avoid common missteps that will extend the time required and can significantly drive up the costs
    • Keep the business going during the change, i.e., “flying the plane while changing it”
  • Immunities, resistance to, and excessive apprehensiveness about change must be recognized and overcome early
  • A real change in mindsets (“adaptive change”) is required in order to get authentic change in behaviors that is sustained


  • Diagnostic assessment of the culture and the nature/extent of its support for vision and strategy
  • Individual and team assessments for use in development, learning and skill-building
  • Mechanisms for maintaining the positive changes made

How We Can Help

  • Consultations with top Leaders – strategy, planning, facilitating behavior and mindset change
    • Help you avoid common missteps
    • Ensure employment of best practices for your particular situation, goals and needs
  • Diagnostic assessment of the culture, and the nature and extent of its support for the company’s Vision and strategy
  • Awareness and skill-building workshops including, but not limited to:
    • Emotional intelligence and emotional agility
    • Strategies for becoming more fully oneself and valued and engaged in the organization
    • More effectively getting what you want – inclusion, respect, equity, etc.
    • Effectively responding to employees’ demands for inclusion, equity, respect, etc.
    • Effectively creating a culture of inclusion and respect, including how to overcome natural immunities to change
  • Individual and Leadership Team Coaching
    • Individual and team assessments for use in development, learning and skill-building
  • Implementation of mechanisms for maintaining and continuing to build on the positive changes made

Let's Talk

With effective leadership from the top, the innovation that comes from diverse perspectives working together effectively will significantly improve business performance.


Let’s discuss how for your organization.

diverse perspectives lead to improved organizational performance

I have been the lead change management consultant for Fortune 100 companies during mergers / acquisitions, divestitures, and significant restructurings for the past 25 years. From initial conception to strategy to planning to implementation,

I will serve as your expert advisor on all of the people, behavior, performance, and culture aspects of leading change effectively. I work with internal design, strategy and planning, and implementation teams composed of top performers from different organizational functions and levels – and with your business strategy consultants – for maximum effectiveness in a minimum amount of time (and usually for less cost than using the large strategy consulting firms’ change management staff, helping to ensure no inadvertent or perceived conflicts of interest).

Call or e-mail me to schedule a time for a phone call, Skype chat, Zoom teleconference, or Facetime.

Vicki V. Vandaveer (V3)