Executive Advisor: Performance, Culture & Change

and Leadership Development Coach

dr vicki vandaveer is an executive advisor and career transition coach

Vicki V. Vandaveer, PhD

Founder and Chief Executive
The Vandaveer Group, Inc.

What I Do

As a confidential thought partner and advisor, I help leaders improve business performance through effective leadership, inclusive and high-performance teamwork, and purposeful organizational and workplace culture change.

I work with:

  • Top leaders on their most pressing challenges.
  • Exceptionally intelligent and capable individuals in or preparing for significant leadership roles.
  • Anyone desiring to enhance or improve effectiveness.
  • Leadership teams to elevate performance, improve trust, resolve conflict, excel together.
  • Talented individuals who need to improve emotional intelligence and relationship skills.
  • High achievers who feel “stuck” in their careers, perceive they have “plateaued” and/or are experiencing burnout.

My greatest professional satisfaction comes from my clients’ successes that improve business results, enhance their and others’ careers and lives, and benefit key stakeholders.


My professional experience includes ten years inside two global Fortune 50 corporations and the past 25 years in international consulting in a variety of industries across five continents.

Clients include large international companies in oil and gas, oil services, consumer products, engineering, and construction, convenience retailing, academic medical centers, healthcare systems, professional services firms, and entrepreneurial new “green” companies.


Professional Credentials

See professional resume.

Who I Am

I’m a fellow traveler on this Earth with a curious mind, adventurous spirit, some significant strengths, and some “short suits”, too.

Born in a small refinery town in Texas into a middle-class family, I grew up privileged. Not with money, but with parents who valued education, hard work, and community service. Growing up in Texas City, I never dreamed I would someday travel the world, doing what I do, and meeting, working with, learning from, and helping amazing people from all walks of life and vastly different cultures.

Who I am today is a blend of learning from experiences, other cultures, extraordinary mentors, a wonderfully diverse array of clients, successes, mistakes, and paradoxes that all have enriched my life and “what I do” beyond anything I could have imagined.

Admittedly, I’m a cat person — one who loves dogs, too.

What I know about you is that you are far more than your education, roles and titles, annual income, neighborhood, knowledge, skills, personality, and what others think of you. You are searching for something. While I don’t know what that is, since you have read this far, it might be worth your while for us to have a conversation.

Call or e-mail me to schedule a time for a phone call, Skype chat, Zoom teleconference, or Facetime.

I look forward to meeting you.

Vicki V. Vandaveer (V3)

How I Work For You

Most of my work is advisory — my expertise combined with yours and/or your leaders’. For projects that require or would benefit from a team of consultants, I draw on a highly select cadre of top consulting psychologists and MBA colleagues. This approach provides you with the best expertise and exactly the right levels of experience for highest quality, maximum value outcomes for a very reasonable investment.

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