Executive / Leader Development Coaching

A Personalized, Private Facilitated Process

What is It Like to Work with a Leadership Coach?

Whether you are proactively seeking leader development coaching for your self or others in your organization — or have been “told” to “get a coach” — you’ve come to the right place.

I have helped many individuals get unstuck, “hit their stride” in their careers, achieve way beyond what they thought they could, and positively impact hundreds and thousands of others through leadership excellence.

Wherever you are in your career, however satisfied you are with:

  • The impact you currently have
  • Performance – the organization’s, your team’s, your own, or that of others
  • Your relationships with key people
  • Your prospects for obtaining the advancement or next assignment you seek
  • Your effectiveness in one or more other areas of Leadership
  • Where you are, who you are, what you’ve accomplished, what the future looks like for you.

Take charge of You, your career, and your future today!

Scroll down for more information. Then call or email for an initial 10-15 minute conversation (no charge) to discuss what’s on your mind and whether and how I might help. It could be one of the most important calls you’ve made in a long time.

leadership coaching creates ideas

Our conversations spark new insights, open up new possibilities, and access the “solutions” that lie within you.

leadership coaching and advising is a sharing of ideas and generating solutions

What is it to Work With Dr. Vicki?

It’s best described by clients themselves. Excerpts from personal notes sent to Dr. V →
executive coaching company vandaveer group uses an approach that includes catalyst, candor and care as the the basic foundations of its processes

For the change you want

with the touch you need

Coaching Process

  • Your program will be unique to you. Our work together is tailored to your specific needs based on:
    • Your preferred ways of learning
    • Your unique combination of signature strengths, aptitudes, values, drivers, personal attributes and passions
    • The nature of the context within which you lead, such as industry, the leadership/management structure, organizational culture, and other internal and external factors that you influence and that influence you
    • Identified enablers and constraints within which you work
  • We will meet bi-weekly at first, then monthly or as we decide together
  • In-between meetings you will have “homework assignments”, and we will have occasional “touch-base” telephone calls.


  • You are responsible for your development.
  • I serve as your advisor, facilitator, partner, and staunch ally – a catalyst for bringing out the very best Leader in you.

Have You Been Told ``Get a Coach``?

Do not worry. Call me.

Our work together will be private and confidential. You and I and your supervisor will discuss and agree on the goals and how we will measure progress and success. We will discuss and agree on what will be shared with your supervisor, and what will remain private between you and me so that we can have candid conversations in a safe environment. Once agreed, we will all abide by our “rules”. You and I will work as a team to achieve or exceed your goals and your supervisor’s expectations.


  • (Optional, recommended) Confidential key stakeholder feedback interviews
  • Professional Leadership Assessment consisting of an in-depth interview and online assessment inventories
  • Readings: relevant articles, book chapters, blog posts.
  • Video or movie clips
  • Homework designed specifically for your development focus
  • Any number of other tools depending on your goals, needs, preferred learning styles

You and I will decide together which tools will be most helpful.

Benefits of Individualized Leadership Development

  • This private, confidential process is facilitated by an expert in leadership and organizational effectiveness and who is dedicated to you and your success. The coaching process provides an environment conducive to professional and personal growth — even for those who are already near the top of their game.
  • The information gathered, produced, and shared during the course of coaching is kept strictly between the individual and the coach, except as explicitly agreed otherwise in the beginning of the engagement – or if the individual chooses to share it. For coaching to be maximally effective, it is essential that the individual and coach be free to discuss at a very personal level thoughts, possibilities, concerns, fears, problems, and difficulties – in order that they may be examined and dealt with effectively.
  • Executive development coaching provides a safe environment for candid conversations, personal strategy formation, personal effectiveness improvements, and related problem solving.

Call me today. I look forward to meeting you.


Chief Catalyst for Leadership Excellence
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