Senior Executive Advisory Consultation

Expertise for your toughest, most sensitive leadership challenges


Because sometimes you need...

Just the right expertise, combined with yours

  • To figure out the way forward
  • To resolve your toughest challenges
  • Overcome seemingly intractable problems that you know are hurting business results.

A confidante who understands your world and can

  • Serve as a sounding board to test your ideas
  • Challenge your thinking
  • Tell you what you need to hear
  • Be your staunch supporter
  • Help you prepare for high-stakes meetings

A check on your read of the organization, because...

  • It’s “lonely at the top”.
  • You have to be careful about what you say, what you confide to whom, how you interpret particular situations.
  • It is difficult to get candid feedback.
  • People reporting up to you have a need for your positive regard. You sometimes wonder what you are not being told.

Someone to help you navigate complex, sometimes scary, Diversity & Inclusion challenges

  • Male leaders – no matter what your situation is, I can help you navigate these currently turbulent waters, such as the #MeToo movement, effectively. Armed with new insights, enjoy once again mentoring both women and men with confidence. Enjoy the enviable legacy of having developed the next-generation of top leaders.


  • Women leaders – no matter what your situation is, you have the power and capabilities within you to help your male mentors feel safe and be effective in mentoring you. I can help you find your voice, your power, and your rightful place in the organization; and help you turn mentors into sponsors.


  • Effective mentor – mentee partnerships strengthen both the partners and the organization. New and often counter-intuitive strategies (on both sides) are key.

Because you may want...

To be more effective in your role

  • With your Board
  • With your Team
  • With your mentees
  • With Wall Street

To realize solutions

  • To get unstuck / overcome burnout
  • To advance to higher levels of leadership
  • To be more fully included, valued, appreciated for the talents you have
  • To change or increase the impact you are having
  • To boost progress toward your goals
  • To polish your reputation
  • Something more – some yearning within you, yet unfulfilled
executive advisory services offer solutions to executives at the top of large corporations
dr vicki vandaveer is a trusted-advisor for executives and senior leaders

Because you know...

  • That there is always a way
  • That everything that you have done, experienced, learned, accomplished has prepared you for now.

You only need to access the power within you…
All you need is the right catalyst.

dr vandaveer's executive coaching process helps executives and their leadership teams break through career and personal performance walls


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